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Enjoy the results of stress-free trading. Watch your trading results prosper. Remove emotion and guesswork from your Trading Decisions. Start today!

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Download the JBL Risk Manager as published in S&C Technical Analysis USA, on TV, and heard on Caroline Stephen’s weekly trading podcast-Talking Trading with Louise Bedford.

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Finally, an easy to understand portfolio management system to give you an edge like no other. A simple Trading Plan you will understand based on your Risk tolerance using our sophisticated but proven

Conquer Rodblocks

JBL Risk Manager includes FREE Stock Market price data updates, for all the major markets globally. Position & Trade Sizing, Stop Loss & alerts, Trading Diary & Performance.

ScreenShots of JBL Risk Manager

JBL Risk Manager Tutorial

JBL Risk Manager Features

  • Risk Tolerance Calculator helps determine your risk tolerance
  • FREE Global Stock Market Price Data updates provided by Exchange or 3rd Party data providers
  • A Simple Backup / Restore Portfolio(s) function
  • Position Sizing or how many shares to trade, calculated automatically
  • Stop Placement – Suggested Stop Loss and Trailing Stop exit prices
  • Long and Short Trades catered for with independent performance reporting
  • Track and Record Performance of all Open & Closed Trades – Trade Diary for each trade
  • Static or Dynamic Initial Stop Loss Auto or Manual entry of your preferred Initial Stop Loss exit price
  • Multiple Portfolios, your Preferred Currency option, Brokerage Fees & Trade Multiple Exchanges
  • Pivot Points automatically calculated daily – powerful short term technical analysis and trend bias
  • Portfolio/Trade Performance – Average $Win and $Loss updated daily
  • Average $Rate of Return Vs Trade Expectancy (both included)
  • Compare your Portfolio Performance against your local market Index Performance

Stock Market Position Sizing (Money) Risk and Trade Management for Share/Stock Traders

Position sizing is your first line of defence against a catastrophic loss. Combining intelligent position sizing with protective stop losses will ensure the trader or investor long term success.

Version 9 with Preferred Initial Stop option, Profit Target, Maximum Drawdown and Risk highlighted. Remove emotion from your share trading decisions with some simple rules that are vital for share market trading success. Money Management in conjunction with Risk Management is used by all successful traders and investors.

Our Money Risk Management Software will integrate with any daily updated MetaStock(tm) format local data BUT the MetaStock(tm) Charting Software is not required. JBLRM will keep your emotions in check and remove any guesswork from your share trading decisions. It will calculate your Trade Size – How many shares to trade, Stop Loss – when to sell your shares (or enter your own Preferred Initial Stop Loss without exceeding your Max. Trade Size) & your Profit Stop – when to sell your shares when in profit.

It will monitor your performance with accurate statistics & track each trade easily. Short Selling is also available, where permitted? Multiple Portfolios, Stock Split Adjustment, Brokerage fees, Performance monitoring, Van Tharp algorithms and more included. FREE 30 day fully functional trial, click download FREE JBL RISK MANAGER

What our Clients Say

W. Lloyd Williams - Aug. 2013Investment Coach & Speaker (Canada & USA)
JBL Risk Manager allows an investor to establish their portfolio up front and maintain a consistent exit strategy for superior risk management. I will introduce it as my trading tool of choice to candidates and attendees of my International Public Speaking events.
W. Corbe - Jan. 2014(Omokoroa, New Zealand)
I am impressed with your programme. Apart from all the user friendly features designed for traders & investors, it has a subtle quality not apparent when first using the programme, namely, it makes me stick to my trading plan by reminding me constantly when to get out of a loosing position. The programme is a must for the serious trader.
Yannis Sarris - Oct. 2014Greece
The JBL Risk Manager is working great! It is user-friendly and very helpful. I used to work with my custom excel files but I took a decision to test JBL before buying and I am very happy for my decision.
G. Bethke - Aug. 2014(Yass, NSW, Australia)
I have been using JBL Risk Manager (RM) for several years and recently updated to the latest version. I would not purchase a stock without entering the purchase details into JBL RM first. It is invaluable for position sizing and money management. Similarly I maintain all sale details for each of my three portfolios using JBL RM. I have read many books on share trading, most of which contained some detail on how to manage risk. I am confident that by using JBL RM that I am undertaking the necessary management of risks associated with capital appropriation, open positions and sector constraints, with the added bonus of stop loss alerts.In my opinion JBL RM is a top product that should be a mandatory tool for any trader or investor. I also use the Van Tharp Trade Expectancy & SQN performance measures you have included in the program. These are excellent tools for making sure your trading system continues to perform well.
B. Rundle - Feb. 2014(Coral Cove, Qld. Australia)
Joseph, the designer of JBL Risk Manager, has been very helpful and it's all coming together now and yes the need for such a program is critical.Wish I was this educated when I first started trading, would have saved me many thousands of dollars through the GFC and beyond too
Thank you again Joseph and I can now put your excellent program to work on my stock lists. Just for your info, from time to time a course member has asked -if I have a recommended money-management approach. Over the years I haven't made any recommendations in that regard. -After experimenting with JBLRM it has shown excellent potential, and is well worth the investment. I'll be more than happy to refer your program to my course members & others.